10 datos sobre mobile marketing que aprendimos en Salón MiEmpresa 2015


Más de 15.000 visitantes acudieron durante esos días al Barclaycard Center de Madrid con el objetivo de intercambiar conocimientos y necesidades de negocio. En este sentido, las ponencias fueron uno de los puntos fuertes del evento, logrando congregar más de 275 ponentes en un total de 10 salas.

José Luis Alonso, Head of Digital Strategy of QDQ media, attended as speaker during the second day. ‘The perfect circle of online sales’ is the presentation title in which he tackled the influence of mobile in digital marketing strategies. We have just recently known that Google will penalize websites that are not optimized for mobile devices as of April 21 , so the conclusions of the paper are more topical than ever.

We would like to share in this entry ten key data that are essential to understand the new mobile environment and the revolution both socially and in the business model:

  • Less than 1% of SMEs are at an optimal digital level , that is, with a Web well positioned on Google, with optimal usability levels, with electronic commerce, accessible from the mobile and with presence on social networks.
  • 9 out of 10 Internet users have a smartphone , which translates into more than half of the population.
  • A 52% of the population Spanish between 18 and 55 has one mobile .
  • The dependence of the mobile is total:
    • 1 out of 3 users take it to the bathroom.
    • 72% does not turn it off to sleep.
    • 80% does not leave it to eat.
    • only 1.5% leave it at home on vacation.
  • The search for local information goes through smartphones: 1 out of 3 searches carried out on Google are via mobile.
  • The 89% of users look for local information on their phone.
  • The 61% of users decide to abandon a site that does not allow them to navigate through mobile devices. 

These data are just the example of how the mobile is transforming our consumption and social habits. The webs designed only for desktops or laptops are insufficient, they prevent the correct indexing in search engines and they are destined to disappear. It is necessary, therefore, the design under responsive technology parameters that allows any web to adapt to all types of devices. It is not a trend of the future. It is the most immediate present.


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