Cómo mejorar la reputación online de tu negocio en Internet

Any business with presence on the Internet is exposed to a large audience, which shares daily endless opinions and assessments regarding trademarks. This is a great challenge in terms of managing the information that comes to us through different channels, in order to take the appropriate measures to keep our brand image intact. In this article, we show you how to improve the online reputation of your business on the Internet .


It is necessary to discover those channels where users can make assessments about your business. Social networks, forums and company directories are the main means where you could find opinions regarding your products, services, customer service, after-sales service, etc., even without being registered in these platforms. In addition to controlling the interaction of your user communities , research in search of those channels related to your sector.


Once the proper channels have been controlled, it is important to listen to the audience. Constructive criticism can serve to improve your business. In this way, we meet the demand and cover the needs of the market, improving the experience and relationship of the user with the brand.


One of the main reasons for the loss of reputation is the lack of coherence between the values ​​we try to convey and the final experience that the user has with the brand. It is necessary that there is agreement between both, to avoid frustrations in the acquisition of products or services for not meeting the expectations of the client.


If consistency is vital for the online reputation of our business, customer service is even more important after the first acquisition. The consumer is willing to accept that a product has been defective or that a service has been modified due to certain circumstances. The question is how are we going to compensate for the error so that the user experience with the brand is satisfactory.

In this sense, the efficiency and speed to solve this type of problems is fundamental to get positive criticism from the audience. It depends to a large extent on whether the audience trusts our brand, that we transmit a professional image and that our online reputation remains intact .

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    Información útil, en especial las llamadas «críticas constructivas» o Feedback por parte de los clientes o usuarios hacia la empresa y en los tiempos actuales, antes de comprar cualquier producto o servicio es conveniente revisar la reputación online y evitar futuros problemas.