App Presencia Plus: apuesta por las Redes Sociales en la era digital

Small and medium businesses need to optimize resources, to meet objectives and move forward in an increasingly competitive world. In the digital age, increasing visibility is key to reaching the target audience and this is precisely what QDQ Media offers with its  comprehensive online marketing service for SMEs and its new mobile app , known as Presence Plus . In this article, we’re going to talk to you about the set of advantages that can put your business on the road to business success.




Greater visibility in directories

The greatest advantage offered by Presencia Plus is its high degree of visibility on the Internet. This is due to the fact that its integral program includes multiple and popular Internet platforms , which provides a very important presence to increase the number of potential clients of any business. This is the main advantage of the online marketing service for SMEs Presencia Plus.

Visibility begins with the professional directory of QDQ Media , receiving more than two million queries per year. Continue with Google My Business , the local business platform preferred by Internet users and Bing Places , created by Microsoft for Bing and Yahoo search engines.


A strong commitment to social networks and platforms

One of the great advances of Presencia Plus has been the incorporation of social networks, to achieve greater visibility on the platforms with maximum audience. In this list you can not miss Facebook , the most popular social network among Internet users, along with other very relevant as Instagram , Twitter and LinkedIn .

To complete the visibility, the integral program Presencia Plus offers services to geolocate businesses and where there is also an audience that shares information among its many users. From the popular Google Maps to , the most important navigation system in the automotive sector and Waze , the application as the largest audience worldwide, for measuring traffic in real time and providing a great advantage to local businesses


Comprehensive mobility with the new Mobile App Presencia Plus

The latest innovation of Presencia Plus is its new mobile app . From the same application, it is possible to manage all the platforms in which our business has a presence. This includes all those mentioned above, being able to update company profiles quickly and easily, publish new content to keep the audience updated, obtain information about ratings and reviews or improve communications with users and customers who need to resolve any issue.

The unification of platforms and their integral management through the new mobile app, has other important advantages. We managed to optimize the most valuable resources such as time and the economic investment necessary to manage and implement strategies individually. Presence Plus is possibly the most complete online marketing service for SMEs to date. QDQ Media is committed to advancing, incorporating those tools and technologies that position companies in privileged places, within their respective sectors.


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