Google AdWords

Google AdWords: Segmentación para llegar a tu público objetivo

Google Adwords is still the main reference for most businesses, when we talk about advertising campaigns aimed at Internet search engines. In the hands of experts, it is possible to take full advantage of its tools and functionalities to launch campaigns that attract our potential clients . This is achieved thanks to an effective segmentation, the one that allows us to increase the conversion by making ourselves visible to our target audience .


The campaigns in Google Adwords allow us to evolve to be more and more precise when it comes to reaching the target audience. A series of indicators provide us with valuable information to determine the effectiveness of our SEM strategies . Therefore, the work does not end after the creation of an online campaign, as this serves as a basis to make the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired performance.


One of the first indicators we will pay attention to is the web traffic generated by Google Adwords campaigns. Thanks to the analysis of the traffic received by the landing pages of each campaign , we can determine the effectiveness of each of them and modify or eliminate those that do not allow us to meet objectives.

Google AdWords

Getting quality traffic depends to a large extent on the correct use of keywords and ad extensions , since the latter allow adding additional information to capture the attention of our target audience. In this sense, Google Adwords has a very defined approach to increase the conversion possibilities , through the functionalities incorporated in its online campaigns.


The campaigns Google Adwords allow adjust bids to the budget of each business . The visibility achieved results in the number of impressions or the times an ad has been shown in the search results. The more visibility, the greater the chances of getting clicks on the ad, and therefore, we will be one step closer to the desired conversion .

The impressions, percentage of clicks or conversions (subscription, sale, etc.) give us precise data about the performance of our ads. The segmentation of online campaigns not only serves us to try to reach our target audience, also to perform tests with different content, keywords, calls to action, etc. In this way, we find out which ads are getting better performance , while we improve them to increase their effectiveness in terms of visibility, traffic and conversion.


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