Llamadas Google AdWords: la apuesta digital para los negocios locales

QDQ media in order to increase the arrival of customers to local businesses has expanded its commercial offer with the AdWords Call Advertisement service. For those companies that invest in a digital marketing strategy it is essential to get return on investment in the short term , with the service of online advertising campaigns only calls in Google AdWords, small and medium businesses can start receiving calls from their potential customers from the zero moment of the start of your SEM campaigns.



What’s different about classic AdWords ads? Adwords-only announcements will always be shown exclusively on devices where it is possible to make a phone call; and are 100% focused on the conversion. The service «Call Only Ad Google AdWords» allows small and medium businesses have a prominent visibility in Google without having a web page , users can make a phone call directly from the search engine itself; reducing the conversion funnel to three steps: announcement, call and lead.

70% of people who search through mobile information about a company end up contacting her, for this reason, why not provide contact? The campaigns called Google AdWords offer greater effectiveness than other ads, since they are programmed to show only the days and times when the local business has telephone service. According to the latest data obtained in QDQ media we have seen that this type of ads multiplied by 4 the conversion rate compared to traditional AdWords ads (60% vs.15%).

QDQ also means, as Premier Google Partner puts at the disposal of local businesses a team of experts for the management of their advertisements. We analyze the users’ consumption habits and create a message according to the interests of each company with a powerful call to action, allowing them to capture the attention of their potential customers on mobile devices.

With Google AdWords campaigns, businesses can easily and easily highlight their direct competitors . From QDQ media we define the keywords of your campaigns and design your advertisements. We also take care of the management, optimization and segmentation of your ads by location.

With our content manager local businesses that invest in the AdWords Calling Service will have a detailed tracking of their campaigns , having the ability to access all the statistics and results of their digital marketing strategy. Including a monthly report with all the advances of your ads and the total calls received.

Do not wait any longer and take a leap of quality to your business with the hiring of the service of Call Only Ad Google AdWords , if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, our professionals will help you in everything you need.

  • la soñada
    Publicado en 22:16h, 21 octubre

    cuando dicen que «este tipo de anuncios multiplican por 4 el ratio de conversión respecto a los anuncios tradicionales de AdWords (60% vs.15%)»

    significa que de 10 personas que ven el anuncio 6 realizan una llamada?

    gracias de antemano

    • QDQ media
      Publicado en 16:17h, 23 octubre

      Buenas tardes,

      los anuncios de Llamadas Google Ads mejoran el ratio de conversión de manera notable debido a que el embudo de conversión que normalmente se basa en varios pasos (visualización del anuncio, clic en el anuncio, aterrizaje en una página web, clic para contactar en la página web) se resume en dos (visualización del anuncio y clic para llamar). Como ya sabemos todos los que trabajamos en estrategias de marketing online, según el tipo de actividad, el anuncio,la inversión, la geolocalización, etc; el resultado de las campañas publicitarias puede variar, ya que el comportamiento de los usuarios no es una ciencia exacta. Por lo que, a través de los datos de Google podemos afirmar que mejora el ratio de conversión, pero no podemos pasar de un dato general a uno particular, ya que pueden coexistir miles de resultados diferentes.

      Esperamos haberte ayudado,

      Un cordial saludo, QDq media