Geolocalización negocios

Negocios online y el éxito de las herramientas de geolocalización

The geolocation has meant an extraordinary advance for those physical businesses that have chosen to open to the public on the Internet. It represents a step forward in terms of efficiency in multiple ways, improving their performance and driving them to an unimaginable level just over a decade ago. Therefore, we are going to talk about online businesses and the success achieved thanks to geolocation tools .

business geolocation


The geolocation is today one of the essential technologies to apply for the positioning of any type of business. From the birth of applications such as Foursquare to today, new technologies have emerged that have driven the interest of companies for geolocation. The possibility of expanding the platforms where to obtain visibility , together with the tools that bring the consumer closer, are part of that growing interest to remain competitive.


Thanks to the online presence of businesses on geolocation platforms, the consumer can easily access those establishments that suit them according to their interests. Google Maps is at the head of the most used platforms, but it is not the only one that facilitates the location and access to physical businesses through maps. Others, such as Here , Waze , etc., allow the user to find the fastest access routes , avoid conflicts in traffic, along with other utilities that make the consumer’s day-to-day easier .


The most popular geolocation platforms, provides the physical business with a space to gain visibility. At the same time, they have numerous resources to increase web traffic and consumer contact with the company . Among these resources we find the possibility of including an accurate description of the business, links to the website, images, photographs, promotional content, schedules, contact telephone, etc. In addition, users can make assessments, comments and reviews, something very useful in order to improve our brand image.

Geolocation business


Another of the highlights of the geolocation platforms and tools is the possibility of implementing segmented advertising strategies . The inclusion of advanced technologies allows obtaining the location of a user in real time and sending advertising (promotions, offers, etc.), according to a series of established parameters that are based on criteria such as sex, age, geographic area area of ​​action, etc.


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