Páginas de aterrizaje: Una inversión segura hacia la conversión

QDQ media has launched its new Landing Page service aimed at satisfying the specific needs of each client. Then, you can know all the details and benefits offered by this new product.

When generating sales opportunities through the Internet, landing pages are one of the most effective tools we can count on. These types of pages attract traffic to the website and, given their characteristics, provide us with a high rate of conversion possibilities. In this article, we tell you why investing in landing pages is a safe bet, in order to increase the number of conversions using online media.


Well-constructed landing pages have a high percentage of effectiveness . Beyond increasing short-term conversion through paid advertising (SEM), they can also help us obtain long-term visibility through organic positioning (SEO).

To achieve both objectives, the correct use of keywords is essential. Regarding SEM, we will use the appropriate terms based on previous studies that allow us to capture the attention of our target audience . After the payment campaigns, organic positioning comes into play, thanks to the keywords used and an effective strategy based on content marketing.


To make our landing page effective in the face of conversion, we need to generate traffic . But this must be focused on users with potential to become potential customers of our brand. We have already commented on the need to analyze the audience. This is the first step to correctly guide the creation of a landing page.

Next comes content marketing , which includes all the elements necessary to achieve our goals. An effective landing page will be as direct as possible in your message , avoiding as much as possible that the user is distracted by unnecessary elements.


A landing page that assures us of the conversion, will include a URL and a title with the keywords to highlight. Properly, we will highlight in bold the relevant terms and use content in images or audiovisual if the occasion requires.

If our goal is to obtain user data, we will include a form in exchange for incentives (promotions, exclusive offers, free content, etc.), as well as a call-to-action button that directs you to the appropriate pages of the website

To reinforce our landing page, we must provide confidence and this is achieved by offering real solutions. We can get it including real testimonials from people satisfied with our products or services


As we have seen, there are many factors to take into account to make our landing pages effective. On the other hand, if we achieve a correct optimization, investing in professionals specialized in the creation of these pages will be a safe bet in the face of conversion .

In short, a properly prepared landing page will capture the attention of our target audience and its contents will be able to generate the necessary interest to achieve the longed for conversion.


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