Wordpress en negocios de Internet

Porqué deberías usar WordPress para tu negocio en Internet

If you are thinking of creating your online platform with WordPress and doubts if it can meet the expectations of your online platform, we suggest you read this article to help you trust your choice. With around 85 million websites created, this CMS is possibly the most popular and versatile one we can find. There are many reasons why you should use WordPress for your Internet business. Therefore, we will try to summarize its main advantages when it comes to attracting more web traffic and increasing conversion.


WordPress is an open source content management system . This is an advantage when it comes to having a wide variety of templates that adapt to the needs of each business. In the same way, you can make changes to the code at any time, to fully customize the website template. Whenever you have a developer used to working with WordPress (agencies specialized in online marketing, web design, etc.), you will be able to create a space adapted to the needs of your business.


WordPress has plugins that allow you to perfectly adapt a website for search engine optimization . Fundamental elements such as meta descriptions, tags, keywords, titles, categories, etc., can be added to the time that the CMS indicates the level of SEO optimization you have achieved. In this way, you can correct or modify data to ensure we get a good position, especially in the face of Google.

Wordpress in Internet business


Another of the determining factors to opt for WordPress, are the constant updates to adapt to the needs of the moment. Periodically new versions are appearing that allow adapting to new technologies, adding features that meet the user’s browsing needs on the Internet.


Many of the agencies specialized in online marketing and web design , use WordPress to create their clients’ platforms. These are professionals in these fields and others such as web analytics, determining that this CMS allows to develop a business project with reliability to improve its positioning, traffic, visibility and, even more importantly, achieve the main objective of any company on the Internet and that does not it is another that increase the conversion to obtain greater benefits in the short, medium and long term.

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