SEO, Branding y Social Media: las claves de la conversión para pymes

The SMEs with an Internet presence , are aware of the importance of gaining visibility and traffic to their online platforms. To do this, we must create effective strategies and use the appropriate means to disseminate them, with the aim of achieving objectives and increasing conversion . In this article, we talk about the importance of SEO , branding and social media , focused on improving the performance of SMEs.

As we have commented on these lines, there are three very relevant areas in order to improve the conversion of our online business. Small and medium-sized companies can compete with efficient weapons to gain visibility in the network, facing the strong competition posed by large companies, franchises and multinationals.

SEO: Organic positioning on the Internet

SEO is vital to achieve visibility on the Internet. This is the organic positioning of the website , which means greater long-term stability than the payment positioning (SEM). As we already know, it is vital to work on improving the user experience , offering relevant and quality content.

This is achieved by analyzing the objective audience and finding out what their needs are. In this way, we increase the conversion by determining what type of information should be disseminated and the terms that we must include to appear in well-positioned search results. Working on the user experience means adapting to the consumer demand of Internet users and this is something that Google takes into account when classifying the contents of different websites.

BRANDING: Building the brand

Strategies focused on branding seek to place the commercial brand as a benchmark for a specific sector. For this, you have to demonstrate consistency and professionalism. At the same time, we must generate trust and show as much as possible a differentiating character in the face of competition.

Due to the strong and growing competition in different sectors, favored by online media and new technological tools that are constantly evolving in the digital era, getting noticed is increasingly difficult and requires great dedication and effort. In spite of this, it is vital to face the challenge of digital transformation and position itself as a reference company in a sector.

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Dissemination in social networks

The power of social networks is indisputable when it comes to reaching our target audience, generating engagement and greatly increasing online visibility. A good strategy in social networks can make a difference in many ways. These platforms help both the positioning and the creation of a brand . Again, the analysis of the audience is vital to make effective action plans and thus increase the conversion of our business on the Internet .

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