WhatsApp Business, un paso acertado en la comunicación con el cliente

The digital age has transformed the way we communicate. The entry into the scene of social networks, from its inception to the present day, has been a revolution in accessing information, expanding contacts and expressing ourselves through different media. As far as the company is concerned, WhatsApp has recently taken a step forward , further improving communications with the client through its WhatsApp Business tool .


With less than a decade, WhatsApp has become the instant messaging service most demanded by Internet users worldwide. Approaching the 1,500 million users, it has never been easier and faster to communicate with our contacts than with WhatsApp.

Over time, it has evolved and incorporated new tools and formats to improve its messaging service. Currently, it is possible to send and receive messages through text and voice, at the same time as it allows to attach files in photographic format, video, documents, etc. To all this, we added another important function such as today’s geolocation , being able to send our location or that of any specific place to facilitate the route to the destination.


As with the standard version of WhatsApp, with WhatsApp Business the company can establish communications with the client. Its main advantages are immediacy when it comes to sharing information , solving doubts, etc. and all this by dealing with a person in an individual and personalized way.

But like any digital marketing strategy we carry out in media, such as email, we must analyze the platform to find the balance between informative and promotional content . Otherwise, WhatsApp Business may not meet our objectives, which in this case should be focused on meeting the needs of users and customers, offering solutions to any questions or problems related to the brand.

Accessing WhatsApp Business is simple and free . Once you have created a company profile, it is your turn to generate contacts and classify them through labels to be more efficient in your communications. You will also have access to a statistical panel with information regarding the messages sent and received. In short, WhatsApp has opened the door to improve efficiency in communications between the company and the client, with the advantage of having visibility in the most popular instant messaging network among Internet users around the world.


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