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WhatsApp Business: ventajas para tu estrategia de marketing digital

Social networks are a fundamental part of the digital marketing strategies of any business with presence on the Internet. WhatsApp is one of the latest platforms to create a specific program to facilitate communications between company and client, known as WhatsApp Business . In this way, we are faced with the possibility of taking advantage of the advantages offered by one of the applications most demanded by Internet users, improving without doubt the performance of our business on the Internet .


WhatsApp Business was born with the idea of connecting the client with the company , facilitating conversations between both and offering greater fluidity and efficiency when it comes to making inquiries, solving doubts or problems, etc.

After downloading WhatsApp Business in Google Play Store , we proceed to configure our account. Keep in mind that it is not possible to have the personal version and the business version in the same phone number. Knowing this and if we want to move from one version to another, we have the option to recover the numbers associated with the corresponding messages. It is also possible to return to the personal version if we decide in the future.

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WhatsApp Business allows you to enter detailed information about the company , which will be visible to those users who connect with us through the application. These include physical address, map, opening hours, category and description of the company, website, email, etc.

With regard to communications with customers, the application allows us to establish a welcome message , as well as a message in our absence, so as not to leave a customer unchallenged to contact us.

As with the personal version, WhatsApp Business allows you to attach files for sending via the mobile device such as documents, audios, images or videos. In addition to being able to use the application from the computer.

Another advantage of the tool is the availability of a statistical panel for queries regarding the messages sent, received, delivered and read. WhatsApp continues working in this field to offer more precise data that helps the company and its performance.

Finally, note that WhatsApp Business is a free application for small and medium enterprises . For the moment, it is maintained in this way and the possibility of incorporating other more advanced features that may be paid is studied.


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