YouTube y la importancia del vídeo en la era digital

If Google is the most popular online search engine among Internet users , YouTube is the star in terms of searches and consumption of audiovisual content . Today, it is essential that any business with presence on the Internet, have the right resources to offer their content in the formats most demanded by users. That is why, in this article, we are going to talk about YouTube and the importance of video in the digital age .



To start, when creating a video channel on YouTube you have a complementary platform to increase your visibility on the network. But it is not any platform, it is the most important in terms of the number of video searches on the Internet. Only on mobile devices, one billion views per day are already exceeded .

Thanks to its functionalities, you can attract traffic to your commercial website . In a very simple way, you can include links in the descriptions section of the video. This gives you the possibility to direct users to relevant content from your YouTube channel .


The video has the power to capture the user’s attention in a much more forceful way. Whether corporate videos, descriptions of products or services, manuals and use tutorials, etc., the power of the moving image exceeds any other content format.

From this point, we have the opportunity to play with emotions. It is about connecting with the user through content with which you feel identified. In our favor we have the great versatility of the format to show all kinds of information. For example, we can show the principles and values ​​of the brand through real stories. These can be counted by workers involved with the company or clients whose experience reflects our more human and professional side.


Youtube has a powerful search engine to access all types of video content. In addition, for some years it is common to see how in the first results of Google search , videos from various platforms, but especially and to a greater extent from YouTube.



Indeed, the videos of this platform are positioned in search engines and increases day by day in frequency and quantity. As we would at Google, it is necessary to work the SEO effectively . Among other aspects, we will incorporate the keywords for which we want to position. We must take care of the title and description of both the channel and the different videos that we upload to the platform. This, together with other factors such as the creation of channels, playlists, etc., allow us to create a new channel adapted to the user’s content consumption needs . All this, in favor of increasing the visibility, traffic and conversion of our business on the Internet.


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