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Los expertos hablan: La necesidad del marketing online en Madrid

On June 27 Emilio Márquez and La Latina Valley organized a debate around the question: «What are the needs of online marketing?» . During the meeting, Adinton and Ideagoras were present as sponsors and several invited companies, including QDQ media.

Our marketing director, Pedro Fernández, was responsible for representing QDQ media during the debate. After its celebration and knowing the opinions and different points of view of some companies such as Viajes El Corte Ingles, ZeusVision and GoFoodie among others, we are going to draw some conclusions from what was discussed last Wednesday.


As we have already commented in the previous post, the video is the ‘Rey’ format on the net and it was not going to be exempt in this debate. The most outstanding thing that was concluded was that the success of a video is marked by the immediate result of the action after seeing it, and that despite being the format that receives the most attention, it generates less engagement than social networks.


marketing debate

One of the solutions that were considered to reverse this situation was to adapt the language of video to social networks to achieve better results, that is, the best thing for you would be not to resort to a traditional corporate video to attract new users, if not, focus in the revolution that is causing the ‘stories’ of Instagram or Facebook.


During this debate, we talked about Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The most striking conclusion would be that a company can not be satisfied with having a presence on only one of the aforementioned platforms, because there are benefits that are exclusive to each of them . We will focus on two of them:

Google AdWords and Facebook

Google AdWords remains a limited platform compared to other services, especially the case of Facebook. An ecommerce that wants to generate leads by attribution generating new clients, can bet on AdWords, but does not get recurrence. This is achieved by betting on social channels such as Facebook with the aim of customer loyalty .

QDQ media offers you to differentiate yourself from the competition with Google AdWords , your customers buy and search for information of all kinds in Google, with your ads you will be visible to all those people who search with related words in your sector.

As for Facebook, organic traffic has dropped a lot during the last months and it has become almost an obligation to pay to get results, so it is vital to take care of the content that is published (post, multimedia, interactions, etc) . The general opinion is that the segmentation of Facebook has lost quality with respect to recent years, hence now bet on more generic content.


marketing debate

Taking advantage of everything that was discussed yesterday about presence, from QDQ media, if you are an SME we recommend that you take a look at our Presence Plus service , you will be able to be present in the main directories of companies, social networks and navigation systems of the country, transferring so a professional image of your business.

In this debate we have seen how online marketing is constantly changing, from QDQ media we work tirelessly to adapt to all the metamorphoses that arise and to give the best services to our customers. If you are an SME, do not hesitate to contact us .


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