Directorios de Internet y nuevas tecnologías: ventajas para tu negocio

 New technologies improve day by day the presence of business on the Internet. The Internet directories professionals are not left behind, incorporating new tools into their platforms that generate greater visibility and traffic to business websites . The goal is to increase online conversion, through technologies that adjust to the habits and browsing preferences of Internet users.


It is increasingly common to find in the search results (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), content in different formats . In addition to the usual texts that link to the website, videos and content based on geolocation begin to appear more frequently .

This is so because the search engines offer results that fit the demand of the users. The professional Internet directories work in this line, adapting to the demand and favoring the appearance of online businesses in the most demanded formats .

In addition, they incorporate platforms based on geolocation , since this type of information is increasingly used to access establishments that are in specific areas of action. Beyond Google Maps, there are other platforms that receive quality visits, with which we can approach a target audience and improve the conversion of our business on the Internet .



When it comes to obtaining visibility through Internet directories, it is necessary to ensure that these platforms use technologies adapted to the digital age, especially those that facilitate user searches , such as those based on geolocation.

In this sense, QDQ Media has been offering visibility to its companies for some time on platforms that include geolocation tools such as Google My Business or Bing Places , but also in popular navigation systems such as Waze , preferred by Internet users for use through mobile devices. and that facilitate driving to reach the destination quickly and easily.

QDQ Media also bets on new technologies . A clear example is the incorporation of , a powerful cartographic tool with which small and medium companies can compete in visibility with large chains and multinationals. is ahead of the future, as it incorporates a technology capable of allowing automated driving to travel to any destination safely.


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