Marketing Digital y Pymes: las tendencias en las nuevas tecnologías

Digital marketing and SMEs are increasingly linked. In recent years there has been a great technological breakthrough in modern society, and as a result , more and more companies are adding to invest and operate with new technologies . Small and medium businesses, at present, are aware of the importance of being present on the internet and the many advantages and benefits that it offers: cost savings, more balanced competition with respect to major brands; and the most important, to cover a large market that they could not access before. The possibility of having a website and being able to carry out online marketing strategies for a low budget has opened up endless opportunities for small and medium businessmen. The SME sector is increasingly more demanding when looking for presence on the Internet, and this is reflected in the Infographic: Digital Marketing and SMEs , based on a study conducted by QDQ media to their customers , in which they were asked about the use that they give to new technologies in their business environment.


Digital marketing and SMEs, what data do we highlight?

  • 95.2% consider the availability of the website on mobile devices important.
  • 55.8% of the average QDQ customers as online users, use the mobile phone to talk with their contacts and navigate.
  • 65.5% use social networks to promote their business.
  • More than 70% of the clients that have participated in the survey Digital Marketing and SMEs recognize the high value of online advertising. 

98.9% believe that it is important for companies to have a website, since today, if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist. Virtually all respondents, specifically  95.2%, consider it important that businesses have their website adapted to mobile devices. SMEs are increasingly aware of the importance of investing in digital marketing to reach their target audience.

Of the QDQ customers, 72.1% used the mobile phone preferably to make calls, while 27.9% used to surf. More and more uses are attributed to the mobile device, and if we make a comparison with the survey conducted in 2013, have gone from being 47% those who use the mobile to talk and navigate to 55.8% of users .

Social networks have become a fundamental tool for our customers. Of all the customers who have participated in our survey Digital Marketing and SMEs, 65.5% use social networks to promote their business and also, 40% have a business profile on Facebook. The next most used social network is Google+ 21%, followed by Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Instagram. Social networks are a way of constant communication with users, and that is what our customers know, since 56% of them use them daily.


Digital marketing and SMEs: the importance of return on investment for small and medium businesses

The digital advertising has become one of the best tools to increase sales of businesses within the digital marketing strategy for SMEs. It has a great acceptance by small businesses, which value it of great importance for attracting customers and strengthening the brand image. More than 70% of respondents recognize the high value that online advertising brings to their online business.

Discover what is most valued by SMEs when hiring an online marketing strategy . If you are interested in starting your digital journey, do not hesitate to consult the digital marketing services for SMEs of QDQ media.

Digital marketing and SMEs: the latest online trends


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    Estoy completamente de acuerdo con el tema de los dispositivos móviles. Es fundamental que una web esté adaptada en estos tiempos.

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    Los smartphones han absorbido nuestro día a día. Los datos que se reflejan no me sorprenden, pero deberían hacer replantarse a los negocios sus estrategias de marketing y enfocarlas lo máximo posible a estos dispositivos.

    • QDQ media
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      Efectivamente Jose, desde QDQ media trabajamos para que todos aquellos negocios con menos recursos pueden orientar sus estrategias hacia los dispositivos móviles dada la importancia que han ganado durante los últimos años.

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