anuncios de llamadas adwords

Anuncios de Llamadas AdWords y las ventajas de las pymes

For any business with presence on the Internet, it is essential to invest time and effort in creating conversion-oriented strategies . Therefore, it is necessary to have tools that facilitate us to communicate efficiently with our target audience. In this sense, today we want to tell you about the Adwords Call Ads and the advantages that the tool of the popular search engine can offer to SMEs .


The main peculiarity of Adwords Call Ads and what makes it a very efficient tool , is that the ads are aimed only at those devices from which a user or customer can contact the company, by telephone . Therefore, they will only be displayed on these devices, increasing their efficiency in the face of conversion.


First of all, it should be noted that you can launch an Adwords Call Ads campaign, without having an online platform (website, blog, e-Commerce). The ads will be shown in the Google search engine, with the objective of achieving a conversion through a direct call , without the user having to consume any type of previous content via online.


Adwords call announcements

To increase their effectiveness, the ads of these campaigns can be configured precisely , since the ads will be shown exclusively during the business hours of customer service of each business. For those local businesses that have limited resources, it is a unique opportunity to gain relevance in the face of competition and achieve direct visibility and traffic to position themselves within their respective sectors.


As with all Google Adwords campaigns, you can track your effectiveness. If you do not have the time or knowledge to launch the Adwords Call  Ads , QDQ Media offers a comprehensive service that includes its design, keyword selection, management and optimization , all guided by the interests of small and medium businesses, making segmentation tasks of the audience and analyzing results to achieve maximum effectiveness .


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