Publicidad en vídeo y las últimas tendencias para 2018

The video advertising continues its unstoppable path reaffirm its status as preferred format and more consumed by the Internet . The substantial improvements in the 4G and 5G networks, together with mobile technology, are two determining factors for the video format to follow its unstoppable path to glory. In this way, Cisco Visual Networking Index warns that in 3 years, the video will represent 78% of the total consumption of content on mobile devices. In this article, we want to show you the latest trends in video advertising that you should take into account as of 2018.


Regarding SEO and search engine positioning like Google, the video format appears in the top positions in a percentage higher than 60% . The upward trend in video consumption is more evident in mobile devices, where the average playing time of a video reaches 59%, while in desktop computers we stay at 37%.

Since 2013, the consumption of video content has increased by 170% . All this means that commercial brands place Mobile Marketing at the center of their strategies, in order to attract new customers. They are aware of the engagement generated by this type of content and its superiority over any other content format.

 Video advertising and the latest trends for 2018


In 2018 we will have to pay special attention to the video and the different formats and connection devices that will begin to gain strength. Along with traditional video, we find emerging technologies such as virtual reality , 3D , 360º videos , etc. We know that any format we use in our video advertising campaigns must adapt perfectly to all connection devices, but what are the new consumer trends that we will find from now on?

From now on, we will have to take into account some devices and platforms that are going to receive special relevance. In this sense, the Smart TV or connected television will experience a great boom in terms of the consumption of video on the Internet . Video advertising on these devices will increase as consumers connect to access digital content.

The video format is the most consumed in social networks. To date, short video advertising has been the most successful on these platforms. In the face of an immediate future, the intention of the most popular social networks is clear, to create their own television channels to broadcast long-term audiovisual content.

Finally, it should be noted that live video will be increasingly demanded , all thanks to technologies that allow more agile connections to the Internet, mobile technology and the rise of new channels and platforms to access video content.


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