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Redes sociales y su importancia en las estrategias de marketing online

Las redes sociales juegan un importante papel dentro de las estrategias de marketing online promovidas por las marcas. Bien entendidas, son plataformas ideales para generar audiencia y ganarnos la confianza de los usuarios. Por ello, las redes sociales no pueden faltar en cualquier negocio que quiera seguir siendo competitivo en la era digital. En este artículo, te hablamos de su importancia y del enfoque más acertado para conseguir el éxito en redes sociales.

social networks


Social networks are the perfect place to find objective audiences . The possibilities of finding future potential clients are unlimited, but you have to understand that users do not have as their first objective to buy through social networks. With regard to trademarks, a user is nourished by the information provided by their contacts, communities and even the popular influencers.

Through shared content, likes, reviews and comments, a user can get an idea of ​​the professionalism of a brand, its response rate to an incident, the proximity to the client, etc. Thanks to this, if the brand has a good image and reputation, we have greater possibilities of turning the user into a potential customer for our business .

That is why in social networks our goal is to connect with the audience , publishing content that adds value, addressing possible doubts that may arise regarding our products or services and interacting with those users who have shown interest in the brand. In this way, we manage to generate traffic to the website to initiate strategies focused on the conversion .

social networks


As we have said, social networks help us connect with the audience. The main objective is to gain the user’s trust . This entails a greater interaction with the contents and therefore a greater exposure of them that will increase their visibility. At the same time, we generate quality traffic to the website that is the first step to customer loyalty.

But in addition to meeting the sales target, more exposure and web traffic also benefits us in terms of search engine positioning . This places us in preferential positions in front of our direct competition, occupying a market share that guarantees us an optimal performance of our brand in the medium and long term.


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