Reputación Digital: cómo mejorar la experiencia de nuestros clientes

The digital reputation has become one of the determining factors to attract other potential customers to your online business; Therefore, one of the factors that directly intervene in the construction of the brand of any business is the customer experience. In the digital age, the user has multiple online channels to collect information, connect with brands, make purchases or resolve any questions, before or after an acquisition. In this article, we are going to tell you how the customer experience influences your business and how to optimize it to achieve the digital reputation you deserve.

digital reputation


When creating strategies to improve digital reputation, it is necessary to establish clearly defined objectives that improve the customer experience . We will try to create a brand image consistent with its values ​​and principles, which will allow us to design satisfactory experiences in order to improve our company-consumer relationship .

The customer experience begins from the moment of recruitment (first consultations in media, new user accessing our online platforms, first visit to physical store, etc.). The objective is to complete the process with customer loyalty in the medium and long term . That is why we must pay attention to all channels of recruitment and sales where we are present, to accompany the user during his trip , providing adequate and effective support even after making the sale (questions, complaints, etc.).

digital reputation


The consumer is very visual. Just as we worry about designing a good showcase in our physical store and providing accessories and accessories that can impact the client, our business website must offer the same level of satisfaction. A good web design and the usability of it is basic to make a good impression at first sight.

After the capture, it is the turn to incorporate relevant content for the user . These can be based as much on quality informative publications, as on promotional contents that stand out against the competition. All this must be exposed through attractive formats and according to the visual character of a large part of the audience (quality images, interactive content, videos, etc.).

The differentiation of our products and services can turn us into a unique brand. But this needs a boost, in this case we will seek to customize the experience to the maximum to make each consumer feel special.

Information is fundamental to the construction of our reputation. Analyzing the behavior of users and customers gives us the tools to perfect our strategies and improve the performance of our business day by day.

Regarding the communication channels, it is necessary to know where to find our objective audience . In addition to creating an optimized website or a corporate blog, it is necessary to use platforms such as social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), professional directories (, Google My Business, Bing Places, etc.), geolocation systems business (Google Maps, Waze, In this way, we can create multichannel marketing strategies , to satisfy the user’s browsing needs and thus improve the customer experience.


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