Tendencias marketing digital 2018

Do you know what trends in digital marketing bring us this 2018? From QDQ media we have done an analysis to review what strategies your online business should follow to keep up with the latest trends in the internet. As last year, one of the main trends in digital marketing is content, more and more brands are investing in offering their customers quality information, with social networks and video platforms as the main communication channel.   In trends on SEO positioning and web design , we give you the latest keys that will allow your brands to appear in the top positions of Google.



Currently brands are trying to connect with their audiences through a variety of platforms, but in turn, it is more difficult to capture the attention of their potential customers. Some of the key solutions and measures to achieve a good Social Media strategy for your business are:

  • The ephemeral content : social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, have their known ‘stories’ that last only one day from the moment of upload. They are contents that allow brands to be present in the minds of users. Facebook has become the social network par excellence for business, therefore, this 2018 have business profile in this social network, and have a prominent presence in other social media channels and business directories will be vital to reach your target audience.
  • Videos, many videos : video is the king of content consumed by Internet users, representing 90% of all content shared on social networks during 2017. Spain leads the European ranking of users who watch online videos daily with 87%.
  • Shoppable Media: the increase in formats such as video will allow for deeper shopping experiences. The objective would be to convert the web and channels into a great digital experience that captures the consumer from the first moment. The virtual tour of the business or videos included in the business website are some of the tools that small and medium businesses can use to increase the number of visits to their physical establishment.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018


Many experts have come to the conclusion that content marketing is the only type of marketing strategy that matters. Below we will see what are the trends to follow this 2018:

  • Promotion of influencers : in 2018 the focus will be on converting loyal customers into millions of influential people who will defend your brand for you. This strategy will be based on recognizing the needs of your customers and connecting with them to provide solutions.
  • More personalized content : the user has a lot of content available on a daily basis, which is why it is vital for marketing professionals to create a link (dynamic and interactive websites, original content, advertising campaigns …)
  • More transparency : the most successful companies are those that are being transparent and open with regard to their strategies. In conclusion, companies that work to guarantee their audience that their message is sincere are more likely to win over their audiences.
  • The art of creating content for micromomentos : micromomentos are those impulses that 96% of us have experienced at least once a day. We have a question in our heads and we automatically go to our mobile device to find out the answer, and this is where your marketing strategy has to get ahead and have content created to answer the most common questions from your customers.


These are some of the SEO trends that will take place this 2018:

  • Presencia en plataformas como Google My Business y Bing Places: para los negocios locales estar presentes en estas plataformas sumará un plus a su visibilidad online. Podrán mostrar toda la información de su empresa de forma fácil y sencilla, contando con las reseñas de sus clientes y la geolocalización de su establecimiento físico en Google Maps y Bing Maps. El 47% de los usuarios busca a través de los motores de búsqueda para tomar su decisión de compra.
  • Contenido completo y en profundidad = win: Google ahora mismo no solo mide el contenido (keyword), también el contexto. Consiste en mostrar al usuario el mejor resultado, y ya no será aquel contenido donde la palabra clave se repite 20 veces, Google valorará las páginas que mejor tratan un tema completo en profundidad.
  • El foco está en la intención del buscador: es importante entender cuál es la intención del usuario y qué tipo de respuesta se debe dar, de esta manera ya no te mostrará el tipo de contenido que más clics tiene por todos los usuarios en general, sino que entenderá tu intención dándote como respuesta lo que estás buscando.

Digital Marketing Trends 2018


Es muy importante conocer las tendencias de vanguardia y hacer un seguimiento a los cambios que se producen:

  • Gráficos e imágenes únicas: en 2018 veremos cómo las ilustraciones ganarán más popularidad. El diseño gráfico está empezando a calar en el marketing digital, tendencia que comenzó en 2016 y que esté 2018 seguirá muy presente.
  • The mobile is the priority: optimized web design for mobile has increased in recent years, a trend that will not change in 2018. It is one of the tasks required for this new year.
  • Designs of bright colors and saturated: in 2018 will break with the colors «safe» and will risk to design their web pages more vivid colors.

At QDQ media we work every day to offer the most innovative services to our customers. If you need a digital marketing strategy that adapts to the needs of your business, and you want to have the latest technologies in the market, do not hesitate to consult our digital services .


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