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Ventas VS clientes. ¿Cuál es tu estrategia digital?

Undoubtedly, any business has as its main objective to increase performance through sales . Beyond fulfilling this short-term objective, we have the possibility to focus our actions on the Internet to get loyal customers , which guarantee us to take our business to another level in the medium and long term. Therefore, we pose the following question: Sales Vs. Clients, what is your digital strategy ?


A digital strategy focused on sales of products or services can include diverse objectives. It can be a matter of quickly releasing stocks with a large volume, initiating the launch of a new acquisition, stimulating sales of products that remain too long in the warehouse, etc.

Normally, this approach has associated some type of offer . These can be through contests, reduced prices, 2×1 or any other incentive that promotes the sale in the shortest possible time. Digital media allows us to obtain great visibility, especially in social networks, but the vast majority of actions will be carried out through paid advertising in search engines, company directories, affiliation pages, etc.

Despite being strategies that produce very powerful and attractive launches for the user, they are of very short duration . This forces us to constantly carry out campaigns on the Internet to achieve objectives, with the consequent cost that this implies. In addition, a constant promotion of products can distort the brand image , showing us as a low-cost business instead of highlighting something that is very important these days, the quality of both the product and the service.

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Any strategy focused on attracting customers and their long-term loyalty can bring us significant benefits, in the face of the permanence of our business over time . In addition to reducing costs based on payment campaigns (SEM), we have more resources to get the information to our customers.

First, those satisfied customers will not hesitate to provide other means of communication , such as their email so we can keep them updated. This type of strategies includes not only promotional content, but also informative content that is usually very well accepted by our objective audience. With this, we managed to improve our reputation and the brand image of our business, in addition to maintaining sales at optimal levels and gradually improving the conversion rate.

For all these reasons, our recommendation is to focus our efforts on the creation of digital strategies focused on improving conversion , through the acquisition of customers. Without any doubt, the benefits far exceed those of the actions focused on sales, provided that our goal is to make our business a benchmark in our industry , for a long period of time.


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