Claves para el desarrollo de un buen SEO local

The investment in Local SEO strategies has become an obligation for all companies, and is that more and more users are searching the Internet to find the location of their physical stores. For small and medium businesses it is vital to appear the first ten results in local searches related to your action plan. But how can they achieve it?

Local SEO: Geolocation

A good Local SEO strategy will allow you to enter data to geolocate your stores on maps. The search results will appear along with your contact information. These tools include Google Plus local and Google My Business.

We can not leave aside two geolocation tools that will improve your SEO strategy : Waze and The first of these is one of the favorite navigation systems for smartphone users, since it allows direct communication between users and alerts them of the factors that may affect their driving.

On the other hand, Here. com is the main provider of cartography, company information and map positioning. Its technology integrates the navigators of the main automotive brands (Ferrari, Audi, BMW …).

Map of Google Maps

Enter on our website a map with our Google Maps location. It would be convenient that this information appears on the main page or in the contact page, but you can insert it in as many pages as you like.

The use of this tool has several advantages: Achieve a better positioning of your business in the sector of the activity that operates . You can create a relevant information sheet of your business for users who search for your company and appear on Google or Google Maps when they search for information about your company.

Links to relevant sites in your city

It would be interesting to include in your home links of sites in your area, if you are part of a local association or a chamber of commerce for example. With this you will improve the reputation of your website locally improving positioning.

In addition, another good option for online reputation is the presence in business directories like Some of the advantages that your business will enjoy are the acquisition of new customers , to know your competition and find suppliers.


At this point it is essential to avoid over-optimization , that is, not to repeat the keyword we have already used in the domain of our website in the rest of the pages we create.

Of course, once all this is done, we must not forget to enter the exact address, phone number and opening hours on our website, essential factors for a good local SEO.

Presence Plus

The QDQ Presence Plus service improves your local SEO positioning and helps boost your brand’s visibility on the internet. Your business will be present in the main directories of companies, social networks and navigation systems in the country: , Facebook, Google My Business, Waze, Bing Places and

The ultimate goal of Presencia Plus is that you reach new potential customers, increase the traffic of your website, differentiate yourself from the competition and gain popularity in your area of ​​activity thanks to offering you greater visibility in searches related to your sector and location.



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